Awesome Quad City Senior Photography Session| Jake G|

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Lessons in Patience…

high school senior football player with quad city senior photographer

So trying to gt Jake into the studio for his senior session was a lesson in time management! With him smack in the middle of an awesome season with his West Branch, IA Football Team his schedule was packed. We finally get an early morning day on the books only to wake to the heaviest fog we have had here in a long time.

We were not giving up on our plans!

Jake and his family made it to the studio and we simply switched our plan and created some insanely awesome football memories for him while we waited for the fog to lift….

quad city high school senior-grungy football

And a little something that I wanted to try for him!

quad city senior football player-senior pictures

And the fog is starting to lift!!

We have now killed enough time that we decide to head out of town to our first location…a quick stop at some rusty old crates and then off to a cool bridge on a country gravel road of course!

qc senior photos quad city iowa high school senior portraits qc high school senior photography quad city senior photography Jacob Giese-30

And we’re off to the family farms!

It’s one of the greatest things about being a photographer in a much more rural area. We can get out of town and find some killer outdoor spots to work, and today was no exception!

quad city senior pictures qc senior photos awesome country barn senior guy photography quad city iowa

Seriously now, he looks like a country star! (Actually, I have decided he looks like a young Dierks Bentley! :))

quad city senior portraits

high school country seniors Jacob Giese-55 quad city iowa photography studio

Thanks so much Jake for an awesome day and a great session I won’t soon forget! I LOVED creating your football shots for you! Keep in Touch! 🙂




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