Boho Chic Shoot | Quad City High School Senior Photography

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High School Senior Photography in the Quad Cities

I just wanted to share this set again if for nothing else but to compare what staying on top of the latest software can do for your images.

Let me just say, being a professional photographer is not cheap!

Really, as professional’s I believe we need to be on top of our game all the time! This means continued education, maintaining the gear we own and taking the best care of it as is humanly possible so it delivers the best possible results. We need to bite the bullet and stay current as new software becomes available to us also.

Which brings me to my latest upgrade to Lightroom 5

I have been so happy with the powerhorse of Lightroom 4 and what it allows me to do, but I have to admit, as soon as I opened these files again, I could clearly see a slightly different render in color depth and contrast right off the bat! And I didn’t touch a slider! After a little playing around with things, I of course was convinced the purchase was worth it! I hope all can see the difference too!

So here is the revised collection! Beautiful color depth and contrast to my files–Thanks Adobe for being so awesome! Still a favorite of mine….but it is my girl Sarah, so I’m biased! :))



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