Marketing your Photography Business with an ISSUU Magazine

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Okay! In an effort to possibly save just one person some of the issues I had while trying to create my first, *cough, cough* “professional” looking publication, I decided to sit down and write a little blog post about some of the things I ran into at the end of my project!

Marketing your photography business!

First off, let me just say that I have made a few of these in the past and never felt comfortable promoting and sharing them because they just didn’t hold up to the quality I wanted to put out there for my studio. Marketing your photography business is a big deal and it needs to look great! The text always looked terrible when viewing, and in my opinion there’s no quicker way to turn off a client than make her have to work to read your info.!

This time around I stumbled upon a site called BP4U, and ended up purchasing 2 templates. If you check them out you will find some great one’s under their Marketing Templates tab. I purchased the Weddings and also the one for High School Seniors, but they have many others also.

This was worth every penny! (Plus, it’s not like they are crazy expensive!)….get signed up over there and you will find they run a ton of specials that you will get the 411 on in an email message.


So thank God for good ole’ Google’s sending me over there! The guides were fast and easy to download, they are all layered PSD files, and they included the font info. so I could just head over to a place like and find the one’s I needed. There are plenty of options to find fonts both for purchase and for free out there, so just look around. And if you don’t know how to install fonts in Photoshop read this–
Three Ways to Install Fonts on your Computer.Once I had my ducks in order and a plan of what I wanted to say it really went quite smoothly in Photoshop to open the documents and edit everything for my purposes.This is a screen shot of how the layered PSD opened for the first 1-2 spread….

And below a screen shot of my finished PSD file of the same 1-2 spread….

So seriously, the template has a lovely layout that can be customized to your liking, you can change any fonts and colors, etc. as you see fit. BUT…..I did keep telling myself that there was a reason I purchased a template this time around! In other words, I had to remind myself not to screw it up by changing a ton of stuff! I selected a color theme to match the wedding and the engagement I wanted to feature, and left out a few of the graphic elements that were included in some of the layouts, but aside from that I left it be!Once I had all my pages finished I saved them with a new file name as a layered PSD. So now I have my original layered PSD’s from BP4U just the way they came and I have my new layered PSD’s.This brings us to the first point you need to know to save yourself some time!
You now need to flatten the layers and crop those spreads in half and save each page if you want to end up with a flip book publication!!
So flatten, crop the page in half, then save it. Go back and undo the crop, and then crop the other side of the spread. So if you look at the screen capture above, that is a spread of page 1 and 2. My first crop went from the upper left corner to the middle of the page at the edge of that white banner strip—think right next to her boot (page 1) and my second crop went from that center edge over to the top right—think the edge of the page where the groom is (page 2)So you need to get all those spreads flattened, cropped in two’s and saved as individual pages!
(the cover and back cover obviously just need to be flattened and saved)In the past what I would do (because I just didn’t know any better), is save all those files as JPEG’s now. Then I would open my word processor and format the page with no edges, and drop each single page onto a Word document. Then I would export it out as a PDF. Now in theory, this works very fine. EXCEPT IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP WHEN YOUR CLIENTS VIEW IT! Believe me, this is a huge mistake and not the way to proceed from here!Which brings me to the next important timesaver!
Save all those pages as a Photoshop PDF in their own neat and tidy folder!

Unfortunately for us
Photoshop PDF files are big! They are not cool for ISSUU at all. I found that out real quick when I tried to upload one of the pages as a test to ISSUU.

So what I did was open all those wonderful PDF pages I just saved in Photoshop once more. Then I used the “process multiple files” feature and the only change I made to them was in the Image Size box. I changed it from 300dpi to 150dpi and sent them out to a new folder inside the one above called “PDF at 150″….name it whatever you like just keep them separate so you can find them.


All right! Now here’s another little tid-bit I didn’t know. There is also no way to merge these files once you upload them to ISSUU. 
That’s right. You have to get all those PDF’s merged together in the correct order before you upload it, for the magazine to work.
So I found the answers I needed under the Help&Support Section on ISSUU’s site. When I searched for “how to merge my PDF’s into one document” I was rewarded with the answers I needed.
How to Merge PDF Files
The page gives you 8 options to merge all those lovely files you worked so hard making into one big PDF!
I decided to try Nitro
After downloading Nitro I followed the very simple instructions found back at the How to Merge PDF Files site, and before I knew it I was uploading my publication to ISSUU, attaching it to my emails to prospective client’s, and embedding it here on my blog! YAY!!
Okay, I’m pretty sure this is the longest post I have written to date! I do hope it helps someone out there, and saves you the entire days time it took me to teach myself how to do this! I’m sure there are many ways to go about this process, so please hit me up if you can help eliminate one of the steps I took to get this magazine finished!Now off to begin my High School Senior’s Magazine……Well……maybe not today! I may need a break after this post!

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