Style Monday-“Unfrumpy” Cold Weather Gear

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No Frumpy Outerwear Here


No one wants to look like a polar bear just because it’s cold outside! And who says you have to?! Today I found some great cold weather outdoor gear designed to keep you warm with style!For me, especially if I’m shooting outdoors during this time of year, I need to be able to move, and I especially need to be able to feel my fingers and control my camera. And I bet for you, it might be nice to be able to send a fun Snapchat or grab a selfie while out with the girls. For that reason, finding a great pair of gloves is always at the top of my list! The Seirus glove is thick enough to offer hours of great warmth and protection, yet I find I can still move my fingers and hands freely.

my glove used during outdoor cold weather photo sessions

Seirus is My Glove!

My second priority is a great pair of boots. A weatherproof pair that still has some style and doesn’t make me look like farmer Bob, or even worse, bigfoot! Now I have some serious issues with an old foot injury, and I must say this, Keen Footwear has saved my life many times over!



Lastly, a great coat that is made from low fluff alternative down is always a good better on top of some great thermal base layers.

North Face Award Winning Outerwear

Now I’m ready to shoot, or walk with the dog, hit some incredible shops and antique stores without looking like the next Michelin Man! I mean he’s kinda cute, but it doesn’t look good on me!

Ok, so here are a couple more fun sites I found to help you keep warm and have some style already!

Wardrobe Oxygen

Refinery 29

Now if your ready, give me a call and schedule a winter snow session!! They are fun, fresh, and different, and result in images you will cherish forever!

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