Taking Great Shots with Your Phone Camera

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Get it While It’s Hot

These days of instant gratification have lead us to camera phones being one of the fastest growing segments of the digital market, and I’m here to show you how to get the most out of that phone camera….even if you don’t own the latest IPhone, with a little practice and smart thinking you can get some great shots while your out and about with friends and family!

I took this shot right by a window with my Galaxy S6

  • Light your subject well. This is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure crisp and sharp images from your phone. Keep your subject in open shade if possible on a bright sunny day. Have him or her stand just inside the edge of the shade (you stand in the sun), and you will go a long ways towards better images! And I know I said this in another post I have written somewhere, but it bears repeating. Turn on the flash if you have it…ESPECIALLY when your outside on a bright day. Trust me on this one okay, just do it.

  • Do not put your subject somewhere that causes you to shoot directly into the sun. Even with your flash on, unless your camera has the ability to take full manual control and you know how to do it, you will likely end up with your subject being way too dark.

  • Get close. Often times I see people that are simply way too far away from the subject, then they either use the zoom on the camera to get closer to the subject, or they try and crop and zoom later. Both diminish the quality of the end result, even if you do have the latest and greatest phone. Move closer by using your own two feet.

  • Be steady. Seriously, you need to have a steady hand, and if you don’t, find something to brace yourself against or lean on. This is especially important when you find yourself in low light situations as the camera will slow down the shutter speed in order to capture the image properly exposed. Keep in mind that many camera phones also suffer from ‘shutter lag’ (ie the time between when you press the shutter and when the camera takes the shot can be a second or so). This means you need to hold the camera still a little longer to ensure it doesn’t take a shot as you’re lowering it away from the subject.

  • Use the highest resolution your camera has. Many phones today allow you to set this, and it goes without saying that the higher the resolution, the better the image quality. Enough said right? If your worried about running out of space either get another memory card for backup, or simply remember to get those images off your phone and onto your computer. Which is the smart thing to be doing anyway!
  • Lastly, keep your lens clean. I cannot tell you the times I have seen a dirty lens…even on a professional camera body…and I’m immediately wondering what is wrong with this person! It really is common sense. If the lens is dirty, your picture is going to…well….be bad! Throw some of those little lens cleaning packets you can get for your glasses in your car. I have those things in every camera bag I carry, my purse, my car….you get the idea.

If you really start to get into things, there are fun lens’ you can buy that attach to your phone, and some great apps you can download for editing. Keep in touch, I will be writing more on that in another post soon!

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