Tip Tuesday-Let’s Talk Clothes!

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As I mentioned, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf this year and get some blog posts written that not only may help other photographers starting out, but also thew client. And that is what Tip Tuesday is all about!

Today I wanted to talk about CLOTHES…as in what works well for almost any photo session ever.

So here it is, my #1 tip for when it comes to choosing garments. Stay away from big huge patterns, big bold stripes, big flowers!

Now I’m not talking tiny little prints found in many sundresses…

Pretty little floral print makes this a great choice in this beautiful senior portrait

Or small pinstripes found in many guys button down shirts…

These button down shirts have a small pinstripe running through them, that makes the shirt have tons of style without being over the top stripes. I love this style of shirt for my senior guys!


I’m talking “hey I just hit the beach in Hawaii” prints and patterns folks!

big Fat NO…NEVER…unless your actually in Hawaii…and even then??

Here’s the thing. Unless your a fashion photographer you probably want your images to showcase the person or family or little one you are photographing, and large prints and patterns simply take away from that beautiful face your trying to capture!

another nice small stripe on the guy, and our beautiful girl in a solid color–perfect look!

There is one exception to this tip. Small children (NOT newborns), can get away with more fun filled patterns and it still works, EXCEPT a logo. Avoid noticeable logo’s at all costs!! The last thing I would ever want is for my client to pay for my services and product and have a child with a noticeable character logo or image on his/her shirt. It is a total deal breaker in any attempt I might make to create an heirloom piece of artwork.

Here is when I say it’s okay! Little boy looking super cute in a bigger checked type of pattern and an abstract fish on his t-shirt! Cute for kids–not so much for adults đŸ™‚

So here’s my biggest tip to aspiring photographers. Take the time to talk with your client and help them figure out what to wear. Often times they are looking to us for guidance when it comes to these things, especially if it is a family session! Trying to get everyone looking their best is important, and you need to be the trusted advisor.

By doing these things you will end up with beautiful images that your clients will cherish!

A great family portrait with a wonderful combination of non competing color tones and one buy and dad in a smaller checked pattern means this is just great and will be a treasured image for this client

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